Rain boots and Flower Arrangements

So this week last year  9/12 to be exact,  I saw a flower arrangement in a pair of rain boots in the lobby and was distracted.  I was distracted from everything that was depressing me in my life.  I sat in the lobby waiting to have an assessment crying profusely and literally couldn’t stop.  Tissue after tissue… The tears wouldn’t stop.  But I already knew what was wrong with me… I was having a mental health crisis.  As I sat there crying I started to think how beautiful the arrangement was instead of how awful things were going in my life, I started to think of ways I myself could make that arrangement, how much would it cost, I knew what boots I wanted to use already… Different thoughts started to fill my mind.  I was temporarily DISTRACTED. Now if this could just go in 24/7 I  may have been able to move on.  But it wouldn’t and it didn’t.


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