What is love???


What is love anyway?  Can you love without trust?  With spouses or significant others/ friends / family??

With Valentines Day around the corner, I have been thinking… I love everyone but I only trust God..sometimes we can’t even trust ourselves!!

I love God! I Love my kids! I love my boo!  I love my family!  I love life! I love my friends!  I love my job! I love… I say this all the time but what does it mean??  Is it possible to love everyone else and not be sure if you love yourself?  It was a hard long journey of learning to love me!!!! I learned that loving myself is one of the most exhilarating and fulfilling things in life!  As a survivor of abuse, trust, attachments, relationships, emotions, and more so LOVE become very confusing… As a child you grow up thinking if they loved me why did this happen?? I trusted them and this is what happened… They lied and they are the adult?  Who can I trust.. Who can I love?  Or even harder who can I trust to LOVE ME?  Relationships are such an integral part of life!  Is it possible to love and not trust??  I do!!! From MY EXPERIENCES I have learned to trust people to be people/ human born in imperfection and sin.  I do not give my trust as easily as I give my love.  I can love you even if you don’t love me back, I can love you and know you don’t have my best interest in mind, I can love you and not feel any other emotional connection.  BUT if I trust you…I trust you to treat me right, I trust you not to tell my secrets, I trust you to be there for me I trust you to be a friend, I trust you to understand me and my vulnerabilities- but not take advantage..So in the meantime I provide benefit-of-the-doubt and Love to everyone… I expect you to do whatever you are going to do.  I’m not perfect either.. Sometimes I don’t trust myself!!! But I love the heck out of ME!!!

Stay tuned for my next blog- “I’m no Angel!”


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