10 Signs to know if you have “big girl swag”?

“Big Girl Swag” is a way of life for women that are officially obese.  I dont care if you are morbidly obese, mildly obese or just feel like you are a little overweight. Being a big girl in this society requires you to have a positive image of yourself because if you dont who will?

Here are 10 signs to let you know if you have big girl swag.  If you have big girl swag everyone else will feel it exude from you.

  1.  You already know you have it!  no need to read the other 9!!!
  2.  You can dress up or down and still feel sexy, regardless of what others think.
  3. You love yourself first!!!!
  4. You can rock a pair of sweat pants or jeggings and still look cute!
  5. You are not overly confident about it but hey……..no one tells skinny girls not to be overly confident.
  6. You do work out or exercise to stay healthy.  Look at all my big girl swaggers on the pole and doing yoga..its amazing!!!
  7.  You embrace your flaws!
  8.  Did I already say you love yourself???!!!!
  9. You can look in the mirror and say you are fierce, you are unique, you are beautiful
  10. You can be you for you and be*you*tiful!!!!

If you dont feel you have big girl swag, go visit my GARDENOFEDENBOUTIQUEMS FB page and watch my video!!!




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