There are some things you will never understand!!! Stop trying!

10 things you will never understand

  1. How it feels to be plus size
  2. how it feels to be a single mother
  3. how it feels to never put yourself first
  4. What child abuse does for trust.
  5. what strong black woman really means
  6. How life is for a single black female with morals.
  7. how it feels to raise 2 boys alone!
  8. How it feels to chase your dreams but it never seems in reach
  9.  how it feels to not be able to be yourself because it’s not the norm
  10. How it feels to love so hard it hurts!

First post jitters

Hello,  if anyone out there has survived child abuse I’m looking to start a motivational, inspirational, empowering blog page to help young adults realize their full potential!!!! Let’s go!!!